Acquisition of seismic data

August 22 – Seismic data is used for many prospects like e.g. gas and oil exploration and to recognize appropriate localities for establishing offshore wind farms, in research, et cetera. To assemble marine seismic data, an airgun, the seismic energy source, is used. Read more

On the look out

August 20 – We are searching for a small yellow and red sound recorder the size of a bottle of Danish Mayonnaise. It seems nothing less than a mission impossible. We are looking out at a very large fjord filled with huge icebergs and chunks of ice in all sizes.Read more


August 9 – Three more days to go and I am off to Reykjavik. I have been practising with the drone mainly at Flyvestation Værløse – a closed military airport that is now open for the public.Read more