Excitement in the camp

July 22 – Call from the look out hill and excitement in the camp – 2 narwhals are spotted! We all dash around finding survival suits, checking the equipment and the tools one more time and haul the rubber boats to shore. And then we wait again. This is different kind of waiting – you know that you have to be ready jump into your suit and hurry out to the whales any minute. It is difficult to start doing anything, everyone is a bit more quiet, more concentrated, waiting for a hunters to shout QILALUAQQIT (narwhals in Greenlandic). After 1.5 long hours the alarm is blown off. The whales disappeared.

July 23 – After a day with mixed brilliant sunshine and overcast sky we suddenly see dark clouds rolling down the mountains behind us. The air smells like rain. It starts as small drops but before long the drops unite to what feels like buckets of water. Then comes the wind. It blows down from the valley and makes the tents shiver and clothes hang out to dry fly like flags. We run around collecting chairs, clothes, anything that could fly away. Now the wind is really howling, it has flattened some tents, our neighbors from the flat tent seek shelter in the empty hut, the hunters are securing their boats. The rain has almost stopped now but the wind is picking up sand and dirt and swirling it around. This is a pitaraq, a fjord storm, the hunters say. Only a small one though. And as suddenly as it came, the wind dies out after an hour. Not long after our neighbors rise their tent up again and move back in.

July 25 – This morning we spotted a group of muskoxen by the river not far from the camp at all. It was a group of 4 individuals – one big male, two smaller females and one calf. They took a walk on the beach and headed uphill to the green mountain side to graze.