Farewell to Camp Hjørnedal

September 6 – It is time to pack down and leave the research station in Hjørnedal. The narwhal tagging work is completed, the nights are getting longer, the vegetation is turning yellow and the streams are frozen in the morning. It has been a long but great field season. What is left is to locate and pick up eight instruments that are floating in the fjord system. That will be done by our skilled assistant Inuuta Hammeken from Ittoqqortoormiit, the village in Scoresby Sound.

We need to make sure that the station is well secured for the winter. All equipment, consumables and food supplies must to be counted and stored safely so that polar bears wont have access to our precious gear.

What is left is to carry our stuff to the landing strip and wait for the Twin Otter what will bring us back to Iceland.

Thank you Scoresby Sound and all the kind people that have assisted us with this years field adventure.