Going to Kangerlussuaq

August 5 – After arriving in Tasiilaq on Thursday, I have been busy organising the last few things for our trip to Kangerlussuaq Fjord. The nets that we usually use for capturing narwhals in cannot be used in Kangerlussuaq because the ice produced by the glaciers there cause the nets to be entangled. We have therefore bought new nets from Seattle that have bigger holes in and they finally arrived through custom only a few days ago! Lucky for us!

Fernando Ugarte, head of the Department of Mammals and Birds at Pinngortitaleriffik, arrived this afternoon and we all met up with the 4 Greenlanders that will take us to Kangerlussuaq. We left Tasiilaq on two boats at 9 pm and are now at the last settlement, Sermiligaaq, before heading all the way to our destination point. There is a lot of sea ice on the way so the expected traveling time will be 30 hours. I bet we will be happy to have land under our feet then.