Soundtrap deployment

As a part of the research 6 passive acoustic recorders have been deployed in the fjord system of Ittoqqortoormiit. They register and record sounds in the frequency area of narwhal communication and echolocation. They will be recording until the project stops at the end of august. Then they will be released from the bottom and hopefully will come floating up to the surface, here they will send a location signal and a boat will go out and pick them up. The deploymentRead more


August 9 – Three more days to go and I am off to Reykjavik. I have been practising with the drone mainly at Flyvestation Værløse – a closed military airport that is now open for the public.Read more

Going to Kangerlussuaq

August 5 – After arriving in Tasiilaq on Thursday, I have been busy organising the last few things for our trip to Kangerlussuaq Fjord. The nets that we usually use for capturing narwhals in cannot be used in Kangerlussuaq because the ice produced by the glaciers there cause the nets to be entangled.Read more