Setting up nets

August 11 – We have been setting up nets in Amdrup Fjord, one of the sidefjords to Kangerlussuaq Fjord, to catch the narwhals in. With the rubber boats we will approach the whale and carefully free it from the net so we can put a satellite transmitter on its back.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday went by. No whales yet, but 2 ring seals were caught in the net and the released. As they swam off we couldn’t help but wonder if and when we would set a narwhal free from the net instead. The glaciers in the fjord are pushing out massive amounts of ice. It gets caught in the net and we want to try and set up at a new location but it is not possible for us to move in all the ice.

Saturday, and we are finally able to move to a new location. We have met some narwhal hunters that suggest we go to Cortauld Fjord, another side Fjord to Kangerlussuaq. Once settled our captain are forced to go home to Tasiilaq due to a personal tragedy in the family. He leaves with one of the local hunters and we are now down to Mikkel, me, two local hunters, one boat and two rubber boats. I hope they will have a save trip. They promised to return with a new rubber instead of the one we lost on the way to Kangerlussuaq.

We are setting out the net again but still no whales. In the evening 3 hunters come by and we see that they have caught narwhals that are floating along the boat. So we now that the whales are here – they just have to swim into our net!

Written by Fernando