Stormy waters

August 15 – The weather in Greenland can be notorious and unpredictable. And it can change dramatically within few minutes.

That was exactly what we experienced the night from Tuesday 15th to Wednesday 16th. Late the 15th we had the most beautiful weather; evening sun and no wind. When the sun set behind the tall mountains a slight wind began to move and the surface of the water changed character from shiny blank to tiny waves.

Within no time, felt like a few minutes, the wind change from a breeze to a storm and escalating fast to a regular hurricane. I was at that moment grateful for the shelter that the fjord and the tall mountains provided. The waves never got big, but the force of that wind and the sounds that came along with it – I have never seen or heard anything like that.

After a two hours time the wind was not that fierce anymore and I went to bed. I have always had a deep respect for the Greenlandic weather – now more than ever!